Yasuo Norikane

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Motion is an essential process for many living organisms and for artificial robots and machines. To date, creating self-propelled motion in nano-to-macroscopic-sized objects has been a challenging issue for scientists. Herein, we report the directional and continuous motion of crystals on a glass surface when irradiated simultaneously with two different(More)
Liquid-crystalline macrocyclic compounds, tethered by two or three azobenzenes bearing alkoxy side chains, exhibit isothermal phase transitions from liquid-crystal to isotropic as well as from crystal to isotropic phases upon light irradiation due to the drastic conformational change of their macrocyclic backbone.
A new azobenzene-based chromophore was synthesized to create one-dimensional (1D) nanofibers with aggregation-induced emission enhancement characteristics. The enhanced red fluorescence of the fibrous structures can be switched off via mechanical pressure, friction, or heat by pressing, rubbing, or annealing.
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