Yasuo Kuhara

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We developed a kinetic particles synthesizer for mobile devices having a multi-touch screen such as a tablet PC and a smart phone. This synthesizer generates music based on the kinetics of particles under a two-dimensional physics engine. The particles move in the screen to synthesize sounds according to their own physical properties, which are shape, size,(More)
We proposed a circle canon system for enjoying a musical ensemble supported by a computer and network. Using the song "Frog round", which is a popular circle canon chorus originated from a German folk song, we produced a singing ensemble opportunity where everyone plays the music together at the same time. The aim of our system is that anyone can experience(More)
We developed a rhythmic instruments ensemble simulator generating animation using game controllers. The motion of a player is transformed into musical expression data of MIDI to generate sounds, and MIDI data are transformed into animation control parameters to generate movies. These animations and music are shown as the reflection of player performance.(More)
Tweet Harp is a musical instrument using Twitter and a laser harp. This instrument features the use of the human voice speaking tweets in Twitter as sounds for music. It is played by touching the six harp strings of laser beams. Tweet Harp gets the latest tweets from Twitter in real-time, and it creates music like a song with unexpected words. It also(More)
We developed a system called Life Game Orchestra that generates music by translating cellular patterns of Conway's Game of Life into musical scales. A performer can compose music by controlling varying cell patterns and sounds with visual and auditory fun. A performer assigns the elements of tone to two-dimensional cell patterns in the matrix of the Game of(More)
We propose a neural network model, having a reductive and reproductive topology to find the optimal predictive timing and then demonstrate to improve enzyme functional classification. The model is similar to the ordinary multi-layered network, except that it has rules to decrease and increase the hidden layer units according to the evaluated network(More)
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