Yasunori Saotome

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Completely glassy thin films of Zr-Al-Cu-Ni exhibiting a large supercooled liquid region (DeltaT(x) = 95 K), very smooth surface (R(a) = 0.2 nm) and high value of Vickers hardness (H(v) = 940) were deposited by sputtering. The micro/nano-patterning ability of these films is demonstrated by focused ion beam etching (smallest pattern approximately 12 nm), as(More)
This paper reports on the results of comparing different types of tensile testing methods that are used to evaluate thin-film properties. We tested the same material fabricated on a single wafer using different testing techniques at five different research institutions. The testing methods were different in the way the specimen was gripped. Materials tested(More)
−20 kHz ultrasonic vibration compacting system with 15-mm-diameter upper and lower vibration punches and a radial vibration die, and 20 kHz vibration compacting system using 5-mm-diameter upper and lower vibration punches are studied. Compacting of metal, alloy and ceramics powder is important process for powder metallurgy which is used for producing(More)
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