Yasunori Iwanami

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SUMMARY We propose a novel channel model of satellite-to-ground optical transmission to achieve a global-scale high-capacity communication network. In addition, we compose an effective channel coding scheme based on low-density generator matrix (LDGM) code suitable for that channel. Because the first successful optical satellite communication demonstrations(More)
This paper introduces a simple combining technique for cooperative relay scheme which is based on a Detect and Forward (DEF) relay protocol. Cooperative relay schemes have been introduced in earlier works but most of them ignore the quality of the source-relay (S-R) channel in the detection at the destination, although this channel can contribute heavily to(More)
This paper proposes Symbol-based Soft Forwarding (SSF) protocol for coded transmissions which is based on a simple proposed soft symbol estimation at relay nodes. We present a simple strategy of forwarding soft information based on a simple linear summation of likelihood functions of each symbol. Specifically, with SSF, we demonstrate that exclusion of(More)