Yasunori Ito

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We propose a color digital holography by using spectral estimation technique to improve the color reproduction of objects. In conventional color digital holography, there is insufficient spectral information in holograms, and the color of the reconstructed images depend on only reflectances at three discrete wavelengths used in the recording of holograms.(More)
We propose a method for extending the space bandwidth (SBW) available for recording an object wave in parallel phase-shifting digital holography using a four-channel polarization-imaging camera. A linear spatial carrier of the reference wave is introduced to an optical setup of parallel four-step phase-shifting interferometry using a commercially available(More)
We propose a single-shot phase-unwrapping method using two wavelengths in parallel phase-shifting digital holography (PPSDH). The proposed method enables one to solve the phase ambiguity problem in PPSDH. We conducted an experiment of the proposed method using two lasers whose wavelengths are 473 and 532 nm. An object having about 1.9 μm step, which is 7.1(More)
A superresolution method for interference fringes obtained by parallel four-step phase-shifting digital holography is proposed. A complex amplitude distribution of an object wave is derived from a recorded hologram by parallel phase-shifting interferometry using two pixels without any interpolation procedures. Multiple distributions are derived by changing(More)
We proposed the use of multiple wavelengths in parallel phase-shifting digital holography (PPSDH) to widen the measurement range of PPSDH. The technique simultaneously uses multiple laser lines in PPSDH to recording hologram. Processing procedure of the image reconstruction of PPSDH is applied to the single hologram recorded by using the multiple(More)
We propose a single-shot digital holography for recording multiwavelength and complex amplitude information by using a single monochromatic image sensor. The zeroth-order wave and conjugate image in each wavelength are removed from a recorded single hologram by applying parallel phase-shifting interferometry. Angular multiplexing is utilized to record the(More)
We propose an image-reconstruction algorithm of parallel phase-shifting digital holography (PPSDH) which is a technique of single-shot phase-shifting interferometry. In the conventional algorithms in PPSDH, the residual 0th-order diffraction wave and the conjugate images cannot be removed completely and a part of space-bandwidth information is discarded.(More)