Yasunori Inoue

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A new quaternary fluoroarsenide CaFeAsF with the tetragonal ZrCuSiAs-type structure composed of alternate stacking of (FeAs)delta- and (CaF)delta+ layers was synthesized. CaFeAsF is a poor metal and shows the anomaly at approximately 120 K in temperature dependence of electrical conductivity. The electron doping by the partial replacement of the iron with(More)
Industrially, the artificial fixation of atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia is carried out using the Haber-Bosch process, but this process requires high temperatures and pressures, and consumes more than 1% of the world's power production. Therefore the search is on for a more environmentally benign process that occurs under milder conditions. Here, we report(More)
Novel approaches to efficient ammonia synthesis at an ambient pressure are actively sought out so as to reduce the cost of ammonia production and to allow for compact production facilities. It is accepted that the key is the development of a high-performance catalyst that significantly enhances dissociation of the nitrogen-nitrogen triple bond, which is(More)
Morphological changes in the early development of photobiologically induced perithecium weve microscopically observed with hyphae in apically growing mycellum ofGelasinospora reticulispora. No morphological differentiation was recognized in any hyphae during the inductive darkness and the following lag period. Semispherical protrusion was first noticed on(More)
To shed light on the role of magnetism on the superconducting mechanism of the oxygen-free FeAs pnictides, we investigate the effect of magnetic ordering on phonon dynamics in the low-temperature orthorhombic parent compounds, which present a spin density wave. The study covers both the 122 (AFe(2)As(2); A = Ca, Sr, Ba) and 1111 (AFeAsF; A = Ca, Sr) phases.(More)
The substitution of electrons for O(2-) anions in the crystallographic cages of [Ca24Al28O64](4+)(O(2-))2 was investigated to clarify the correlation between the electronic properties and catalytic activity for ammonia synthesis in Ru-loaded [Ca24Al28O64](4+)(O(2-))2-x(e(-))2x (0 ≤ x ≤ 2). This catalyst has low catalytic performance with an electron(More)
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