Yasunori Fujiwara

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For delicate operations conducted using surgical robot systems, surgeons need to receive information regarding the contact forces on the tips of surgical instruments. For the detection of this contact force, one of the authors previously proposed a new method, called the overcoat method, in which the instrument is supported by sensors positioned on the(More)
To correct compensatory head turn in twelve cases with congenital nystagmus, they were classified into two types according to the relative visual lines of both eyes to each other with respect to the sagittal axis of the head or the median plane of the body. One was termed the symmetrical pattern and the other was termed the asymmetrical pattern. In cases of(More)
By using a newly devised three-dimensional position measurement system, head movements of a normal subject and a patient with congenital strabismus were studied. This system consists of both infrared light-emitting diodes and position-sensitive diodes, which lead to high accuracy and high-frequency response with a position accuracy within 1 mm and angular(More)
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