Yasunobu Moriyama

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During neocortical development, the neuroepithelial or neural precursor cells that commit to neuronal fate need to delaminate and start migration toward the pial surface. However, the mechanism that couples neuronal fate commitment to detachment from the neuroepithelium remains largely unknown. Here we show that Scratch1 and Scratch2, members of the Snail(More)
A region homologous to the genome of plasmid integrative phage J7W-1 was detected in the largest plasmid in 3 out of 22 type strains of Bacillus thuringiensis, dendrolimus (DEN), aizawai (AIZ) and indiana (IND). Phage induction by ethidium bromide observed particularly in the J7W-1 lysogen was identified in DEN and IND but not AIZ strains. The morphology of(More)