Yasunobu Eguchi

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To investigate the role of growth factors (epidermal growth factor [EGF], betacellulin, and activin A) in the development of islet B cells of rat fetal pancreatic explants in vitro, pancreases from rat fetuses at day 18 of gestation were cultured for 96 hr, with or without these growth factors. Culture medium was changed every 24 hr, and the level of(More)
In our previous study, after direct administration of streptozotocin (STZ; 400 microg/g) to fetuses on day 19 of gestation, the B-cell volume in fetal pancreatic islets showed a marked decrease, but gradually recovered with electron microscopic confirmation of B-cell regeneration. However, STZ at this dose often caused fetal death. In this study, therefore,(More)
In the rat, as regards the adrenal gland, (1) during the fetal period, the adrenal cortex first begins to develop autonomically, (2) subsequently, the cortex comes under the control of the hypophysis, (3) later, the hypophysial-adrenal system comes under hypothalamic regulation, (4) after birth, the adrenal gland becomes shrunken temporarily, accompanied by(More)
ABSTRACT. It has been reported that when the rat fetus is treated with streptozotocin (STZ) in vivo, islet B cells are destroyed but later recover. To investigate the process of the recovery of B cells after in vitro treatment of the fetal pancreas with STZ and the role of epidermal growth factor (EGF) in the recovery of B cells, we measured the level of(More)