Yasunari Watanabe

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In this paper, we introduce tactile graphics production software for three-dimensional projections. A blind person can use this software without assistance from the sighted and produce tactile graphics of three-dimensional projections. With this software, we want to study the limitation of tactile recognition of projections and improve the guidelines of(More)
Three types of intelligent puzzle, a three-dimensional Escher puzzle (3DES), a 3D jigsaw puzzle (3DJG) and a color matching cubocatahedron puzzle (CUB), are developed by layer manufacturing. Each puzzle contains a common packing problem. Furthermore, there exist two important mechanisms, the rotation of CUB and the translation of 3DJG. 3DES is obtained on(More)
3D quasiperiodic tilings derived from deformed cuboctahedra are obtained by projection from 7D or 6D lattice space to 3D tile-space. Lattice matrices defining the projections from 7D or 6D lattice space to tile-and test-space are given by introducing a deformation parameter. Two types of lattice matrices are considered, orthonormal and row-wise orthogonal,(More)
We started the project " Development of 3D geometrical teaching materials for visually handicapped person " from 2006. Stone-blind person can recognize various shapes by touching. We are developing teaching materials which can enrich the world of observation by touching. This paper discusses a part of our teaching materials, which allows us to share the(More)
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