Yasunari Kamada

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The power generation using natural energy contains electric power fluctuation. Therefore, in order to put such power generation system to practical use, compensation system power fluctuation is necessary. In this paper, we propose a power compensation method using biomass gas turbine generator and flywheel energy storage equipment. In order to realize high(More)
In the present, we are trying to find alternative energy to replace fossil fuels. Wind power is a good choice as alternative energy. Wind power produces the electricity without producing greenhouse gases or other pollutants. Wind power is converted to electricity by using wind turbines. The performance of wind turbine generator depends on the rotor blade(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate the flow field characteristics in ABL (Atmospheric Boundary Layer) flow over multiple hills and valleys in two-dimensional models under neutral conditions. Active turbulence grids and boundary layer generation frame were used to simulate the natural winds in wind tunnel experiments. As a result, the mean wind(More)
This paper describes the behavior of the flow field around rotor blades. A three-bladed upwind rotor was tested in a single return type wind tunnel. The rotor had a diameter of 2.4 m. The flow field around the rotor blades was measured using two-dimensional LDV. The three velocity components of flow field were measured in the x-y plane. The velocity vectors(More)
This paper describes the experimental results of field wind turbine rotor. The experiments are carried out with 10 m diameter of HAWT. The pressure distributions on the rotating blade are measured by the pressure transducers. The blade root moment are measured simultaneously by the strain gauges. The mean wind speed are measured by a sonic anemometer, the(More)
In future planning of the city, it is very important to consider the proper intelligent integration of renewable energy sources into the built environment for developing smart cities. Analysis of the wind velocity profile in the built environment is very important for finding out the energy content in the wind and also to analyze the performance of wind(More)
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