Yasuna Kobayashi

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BACKGROUND We aimed to identify associations between erythroferrone (ERFE), a regulator of hepcidin 25, and biomarkers of erythropoiesis and iron metabolism. We also aimed to determine the effects of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESA), continuous erythropoietin receptor activator (CERA) and darbepoetin-α (DA) on ERFE production in patients on(More)
BACKGROUND We formulated mianserin suppositories for the treatment of delirium and evaluated their pharmacokinetics by measuring plasma drug concentrations in dogs and healthy human volunteers. METHODS Mianserin suppositories were prepared by a melting technique using Tetramide® tablets and Witepsol H-15 as the suppository base. Pharmacokinetics of this(More)
Human organic solute carrier protein 1 (hOSCP1) is a Na(+)-independent multispecific organic solute transporter. To date, several studies have revealed that gene mutations of the transporters are likely to be associated with some diseases; however, there are no data concerning the genetic polymorphism of the hOSCP1 gene in Japanese patients with non-viral(More)
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