Yasumasa Tomita

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Weibull-distributed ground clutter of cultivated land was measured using an L-band long-range air-route surveillance radar (ARSR) having a 3.0 ¿s pulsewidth and a 1.23° beamwidth at very low grazing angles between 0.21° and 0.32°. It is shown that the shape parameter of the Weibull distribution varied from c = 1.507 to c = 2.0, corresponding to the Rayleigh(More)
The aim of this study is the improvement of the photostability of several natural anionic dyes, carmine (CM), carthamus yellow (CY), and annatto dye (ANA), by complexation with hydrotalcite. The composite of the dyes and hydrotalcite is prepared by the coprecipitation method. CM is successfully intercalated in the hydrotalcite layer when the amount of(More)
Li3InBr6 and NaInBr4 have been synthesized and characterized by means of DTA, 8 'Br NQR, Li, Li, Na, and l l In NMR, and AC conductivity. These measurements revealed the presence of phase transitions and cationic diffusion in both compounds. From the spin-lattice relaxation times of 1 Br NQR and the peak widths of Li and Na NMR spectra, it is deduced that(More)
Upheavals of adsorbed oxygen molecules are formed on the TiO2 (110) surface by applying a negative bias voltage between the TiO2 and a tip. The heights of upheavals corresponding to the state density of O2- increase with a bias voltage. The letters "YT" constructed from O2- are drawn on the TiO2 surface. The letters have the line width of 22 nm and the(More)
NMR, NQR, powder X-ray diffraction, DTA and AC conductivity were measured in RMBr4 (R = Ag, Cu; M = Al, Ga) and RM2Br7 (R = Li, Ag; M = Al, Ga). In RMBr4, the activation energy of Cu diffusion was evaluated fromCu NMR and was in good agreement with that fromBr NQR. In CuAlBr4, the e Qq/h value of Cu NMR and the value of Al NMR changed linearly with(More)
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