Yasuko Nakayama

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We developed a knowledge and information on demand system, KIDS, which structures free-form text as knowledge to provide the user with knowledge fit for his natural language query. For a period of four years, we carried out knowledge sharing experiments using the system at a research center that includes around 1,000 researchers engaged in various fields(More)
Industrial plants are controlled using sequence control programs running on programmable controllers. Sequence control program design has been carried out manually, and an increase in applications of pro-grammable controllers has caused a shortage of programmers. Therefore , automatic programming systems are strongly required in this field. Controllers(More)
Noninvasive measurement of the distribution and oxygenation state of hemoglobin (Hb) inside the tissue is strongly required to analyze the tumor-associated vasculatures. We developed a photoacoustic imaging (PAI) system with a hemispherical-shaped detector array (HDA). Here, we show that PAI system with HDA revealed finer vasculature, more detailed(More)
Pellagra is a photosensitivity syndrome characterized by three "D's": diarrhea, dermatitis, and dementia as a result of niacin deficiency. However, the molecular mechanisms of photosensitivity dermatitis, the hallmark abnormality of this syndrome, remain unclear. We prepared niacin deficient mice in order to develop a murine model of pellagra. Niacin(More)
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