Yasuko Nagano-Madsen

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Attitudinally-varied back channel utterances were simulated by six professional voice actors for Japanese. Contrary to the general assumption that a pitch accent language like Japanese cannot vary the tonal configuration for attitudi-nal variation as in a stress/intonation language , all the speakers differentiated two kinds of tonal configurations. Further(More)
This paper examines the manifestation of downstep and intonation in the Tokyo and Kochi dialects of Japanese by using three types of syntactically balanced material-adjective phrases, adverbial phrases, and sentence modifiers. The main conclusion is that Kochi speakers produce a smaller Major Phrase consisting of fewer lexical accents than in the Tokyo(More)
Several acoustic phonetic parameters were analysed for six professional speakers of Japanese who produced attitudinally-varied utterances. The results showed both agreement and discrepancies among the speakers, implying that pragmatic information can be expressed in at least a few alternative ways in Japanese and that this line of research needs more(More)
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