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Vowel devoicing rates in Japanese from a sentence corpus
The phenomenon of vowel devoicing has been described for a long time in Japanese linguistic and phonetic literature (Pohvanov 1976 [1914], Han 1962, Sawashima 1971, Hirose 1971, Sugito 1988, Maekawa
Perception and production of L2 Mandarin tones by Swedish learners
Swedish learners perform best in discriminating a level tone from contour tones both in perception and production and the identification of T3 was second best after the level tone, but the production was found to be difficult.
Prosodic phrasing unique to the acquisition of L2 intonation - an analysis of L2 Japanese intonation by L1 Swedish learners
The results reveal that the beginnerlevel L2 intonation is characterized by many pauses that are inserted at every grammatical phrase boundary, which is unique as interlanguage and presumably universal in the less fluent speech at the beginner level.
Respiratory Control, Pauses, and Tonal Control in L1’s and L2’s Text Reading – A Pilot Study on Swedish and Japanese –
This paper reports the results of a pilot study, which examines the respiratory control exerted by chest and abdominal-muscles during the reading of a long text in the mother tongue (L1) and a
Perception of L2 Mandarin tones by L1Swedish learners at three proficiency levels
Cross-linguistic studies on the perception of Mandarin tones are many. However, how speakers of lexical pitch accent language such as Swedish perceive Mandarin tones is still a widely open question.
Input modality effects in foreign accent
The conclusion is drawn that these speakers function largely within an aural modality, but do assimilate external, primarily visual information, as reflected in rapid improvement in the rhythmic and timing characteristics of the imitations.
Analysis of intonational phrasing in West Greenlandic Eskimo reading text
West Greenlandic Inuit Eskimo intonation has been described previously at word, phrase, and sentence levels (Mase 1973, Rischel 1974, Nagano-Madsen 1992, 1993). The present study attempts to extend
Acoustic properties of implosives in Bantu Mpiemo
Previous studies on implosives have shown a great diversity in the production of implosives among the languages in the world. In the light of this, this paper seeks to identify the acoustic phonetic
Influence of accent and tone on the realization of vowel devoicing in Japanese - analysis of a sentence database -
I N T R O D U C T I O N Influence of accent on the realization of vowel devoicing has been pointed out for a long time in Japanese linguistic and phonetic literature (cf. Sakurai 1985 for detailed