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We studied the human brain response to visual stimulation in which a square area was randomly presented in upper and lower visual fields (VFs). Seven normal volunteers carried out a contrast-based visual search task. Magnetic responses were detected in the bilateral parietal regions at 200-250 ms after stimulus onset. We compared the response latencies and(More)
UNLABELLED This study examined stuttering patterns in five patients with basal ganglia injury. None of the patients had a history of developmental stuttering. Four patients were right-handed; one patient was ambidextrous. Stuttering tests administered to patients assessed sentence repetition, reading aloud, explanations of a comic strip, and conversation.(More)
UNLABELLED We report a male patient with neurogenic stuttering after cerebellar infarction. He had suffered from frontal and thalamus damage and he had exhibited aphasia, but his speech had been fluent until onset of the cerebellar infarction. Results of analysis of speech samples included the following: (1) the patient showed very frequent syllable(More)
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