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OBJECTIVE To determine factors affecting successful sperm retrieval by testicular sperm extraction in patients with nonmosaic Klinefelter's syndrome. DESIGN Medical record analysis for nonmosaic Klinefelter's syndrome patients who underwent testicular sperm extraction. SETTING Three university-based tertiary centers. PATIENT(S) Fifty-one patients with(More)
Nowadays, many people are suffering from the disease that their kidneys no longer function adequately. Knowing their own physical conditions accurately and then recognizing the necessity of self-management are the key to the exploration of a better quality of life (QOL) for such patients. In this paper, we present a trial of developing a visual interface(More)
BACKGROUND Klinefelter's syndrome is the most frequent chromosomal abnormality in infertile men. In this study, the chromosomes of round spermatids and spermatogonia/primary spermatocytes from men with non-mosaic Klinefelter's syndrome were examined, together with the Sertoli cell secretory function and sperm morphometry. METHODS Twenty-four men with(More)
Breast cancer confined within the lactiferous duct or lobule, without invading the stroma, is called ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), whereas breast cancer that has invaded the stroma through the basal membrane is called invasive cancer. Heparanase, an endo-beta-D-glucuronidase that specifically degrades heparan sulfate proteoglycans (HSPGs) in the(More)
Circulating adiponectin (ADP) level in diabetic patients was mainly studied from a viewpoint of insulin action, with little being known about the regulation by pancreatic beta-cell function. We thus investigated the relationship between the serum ADP concentration and pancreatic beta-cell function in non-obese [body mass index (BMI) <30 kg/m(2)] diabetic(More)
Analysis of serum proteins by native polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis is difficult because albumin is abundant in serum and interferes with the resolution of other proteins, especially alpha-antitrypsin which has mobility that is very similar to that of albumin. We present here a method in which serum proteins are separated by polyacrylamide gel(More)