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To the Editor: Greater occipital nerve block is indicated for cervico-genic or cluster headache. Identifying the location of the nerve is important for differential diagnosis of cervico-genic headache, because it is necessary to block this nerve and not neighboring structures [1]. The blocking point is where the greater occipital nerve crosses the superior(More)
This study is a pharmacogenetic clinical trial designed to clarify whether the N-acetyltransferase 2 gene (NAT2) genotype-guided dosing of isoniazid improves the tolerability and efficacy of the 6-month four-drug standard regimen for newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis. In a multicenter, parallel, randomized, and controlled trial with a PROBE design,(More)
PURPOSE To establish the appropriate inhalation induction technique using a high concentration of sevoflurane in the elderly. METHODS Forty-five patients, aged 70-79-yr-old, were randomly divided into three groups: 1) Group I: anesthesia was induced with propofol 2 mg x kg(-1) and sevoflurane 2% (n = 15); 2) Group II: anesthesia was induced with a three-(More)
BACKGROUND Several case reports have shown that the Pentax-AWS (Hoya Corporation, Tokyo, Japan), a new video laryngoscope, is useful in patients with difficult airways. METHODS We assessed the effectiveness of the Pentax-AWS in two groups. Group 1 included 270 patients in whom direct laryngoscopy using a Macintosh laryngoscope had been difficult. Group 2(More)
We studied the efficacy of the Coopdech videolaryngoscope Portable VLP-100, by comparing it with a Macintosh laryngoscope, and another videolaryngoscope, the Airway Scope (AWS), in a manikin with four simulated difficult airways. In a randomized, crossover design, each of 50 residents inserted the three devices, in turn, and graded the view of the glottis(More)
PURPOSE To assess the effects of age on recovery of psychomotor function for propofol sedation during spinal anesthesia. METHODS Propofol was continuously infused during surgery and spinal anesthesia in 15 elderly patients (65-85 yr-old) and 15 younger patients (20-50 yr-old). Infusion rates were adjusted to maintain an appropriate level of sedation using(More)
We studied the efficacy of the Pentax-AWS (Tokyo, Japan), a new portable, battery-operated video-laryngoscope, in 100 patients. It was possible to insert the blade of the Pentax-AWS and to see a full view of the glottis on the first attempt in 99 of 100 patients. In the remaining patient, insertion of the Pentax-AWS was abandoned because of a risk of(More)