Yasuhiro Yoshimura

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Changes in peak time and amplitude of the direct current registered c-wave of the electroretinogram of the albino rabbit were investigated with various stimuli of duration ranging from 0.25 to 10 sec. The stimulus intensity was 500 lux at the surface of the cornea. Slow PIII was isolated by administrations of sodium iodate and sodium aspartate. The peak(More)
The Ppd-A1 genotype of 240 Japanese wheat cultivars and 40 foreign cultivars was determined using a PCR-based method. Among Japanese cultivars, only 12 cultivars, all of which were Hokkaido winter wheat, carried the Ppd-A1a allele, while this allele was not found in Hokkaido spring wheat cultivars or Tohoku-Kyushu cultivars. Cultivars with a(More)
The winter wheat variety Kitahonami shows a superior flour yield in comparison to other Japanese soft wheat varieties. To map the quantitative trait loci (QTL) associated with this trait, association mapping was performed using a panel of lines from Kitahonami's pedigree, along with leading Japanese varieties and advanced breeding lines. Using a mixed(More)
UNLABELLED The mechanism of hypotension induced by anesthetics is not completely understood. Because no electrophysiologic examination of the effects of propofol on the central nervous system has shown its involvement in the control of sympathetic and cardiovascular functions, we investigated the actions of propofol on rat hypothalamic paraventricular(More)
Wheat yellow mosaic virus resistance of Madsen is governed by two complementary QTLs, Qym1 and Qym2 , located on chromosome arms 2DL and 3BS. Wheat yellow mosaic, caused by Wheat yellow mosaic virus (WYMV), is one of the most serious wheat diseases in East Asia. In this study, recombinant inbred lines (RILs, F9) from a cross between cultivars Madsen(More)
Additional evidence for the rare kaon decay K+-->pi+nu(nu) has been found in a new data set with comparable sensitivity to the previously reported result. One new event was observed in the pion momentum region examined, 211<P<229 MeV/c, bringing the total for the combined data set to two. Including all data taken, the backgrounds were estimated to(More)
This project presents an interactive game which makes you feel unseen existences through only indirect information such as their shadows, sounds and weights. In this game, "INVISIBLE" goblins are sneaking around and you can only see their shadows. Your mission is to capture them with a special vacuum, chasing their shadows.
The observation of hydrogenlike πK atoms, consisting of π^{-}K^{+} or π^{+}K^{-} mesons, is presented. The atoms are produced by 24  GeV/c protons from the CERN PS accelerator, interacting with platinum or nickel foil targets. The breakup (ionization) of πK atoms in the same targets yields characteristic πK pairs, called "atomic pairs," with small relative(More)