Yasuhiro Yoshimatsu

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Genetic knockout of the transcriptional corepressor CtBP in mouse embryo fibroblasts upregulates several genes involved in apoptosis. We predicted, therefore, that a propensity toward apoptosis might be regulated through changes in cellular CtBP. To identify pathways involved in this regulation, we screened a mouse embryo cDNA library with an E1A-CtBP(More)
Most cardiac diseases caused by inflammation are associated with fibrosis in the heart. Fibrosis is characterized by the accumulation of fibroblasts and excess deposition of extracellular matrix (ECM), which results in the distorted organ architecture and function. Recent studies revealed that cardiac fibroblasts are heterogeneous with multiple origins.(More)
The lymphatic system plays important roles not only in the physiological processes, such as maintenance of tissue fluid homeostasis, but also in pathological processes including the lymph node metastasis of tumor cells. Therefore, understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying lymphatic vessel formation is crucial. Previous studies have shown that(More)
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