Yasuhiro Takebayashi

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We propose an agent-based personal interface (PI) system, named PIBOT, to provide a user-oriented adaptive interface which guarantees usability and accessibility. PIBOT seamlessly accepts a ten-key based voice interface for visually disabled users or a joy-stick interface for wheelchair users as a PI to access the XML-based appliance integration.
Supporting deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) people to understand natural conversation is one of the important activities of social welfare. However, currently the communication support for D/HH people is not enough in Japan. Although existing communication methods, such as sign language and lipreading, are effective in one-to-one conversation, they have(More)
We have interests in a new approach to help color understanding of visually-impaired people inspired by the request of impaired people. A presentation method providing "active understanding" is needed to support user's own subjectivity. In this paper, we present a tactile color display based on a concept called "assistance of active understanding".
We propose lifelike furniture, which interacts with persons thoughtfully. Each piece of furniture supports persons by stand-alone, and they cooperate with each other to provide complex support. We implemented working prototypes of furniture and the platform for integrated services.
We introduced personalized and situational support to PIBOT, a personal interface system that proactively utilizes appliance integration for universal access of home network. New PIBOT improves accessibility of various personal interfaces by introducing higher-order modalities
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