Yasuhiro Shimotsuura

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Unsuspected prolonged exposure to abnormal environmental (very high frequency) electro-magnetic fields (EMF), electric fields (EF) or magnetic fields (MF) at 60 Hz or 16K Hz in the bedroom or(More)
In the past, Human Papillomavirus Type 16 (HPV-16) was considered to be the main cause of cancer in the oropharynx and genital organs. Cervical cancer of the uterus is the most well-known cancer(More)
There are many methods of detecting cancers including detection of cancer markers by blood test, (which is invasive, time consuming and relatively expensive), detection of cancers by non-invasive(More)
There are many causes of frequent urination. Whenever water or fluids are consumed, the patient has to urinate within 10 or 20 min. Often urinary bladder examinations & blood tests show no(More)
Our previous study indicated that when extremely reduced normal cell (NC) telomeres in various cancer patients are increased over 500 ng BDORT units, abnormally high cancer cell telomeres and(More)
A brief historical background on Autism & some of the important symptoms associated with Autism are summarized. Using strong Electro Magnetic Field Resonance Phenomenon between 2 identical molecules(More)
We examined patients wearing a metal ring on the left 4th finger with abnormally increased Cardiac Troponin I (which is known to increase in the presence of myocardial injury or left ventricular(More)
Lyme disease is found in a majority of people we tested. Once Borrelia Burgdorferi (B.B.) spirochete enters human body, it not only causes pain by infecting joints, but it also often enters the brain(More)
One minute downward pressure on the tip of any one of the front 3 teeth (1st incisor, 2nd incisor, and canine) at the right and left sides of the upper and lower jaw by a wooden toothpick induced(More)