Yasuhiro Okawa

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We previously showed that starvation causes reversible hyperphosphorylation of tau in the mouse brain. To explore possible involvement of stress in tau hyperphosphorylation quantitative analysis of phosphorylated tau in four brain regions of mice subjected to cold water stress (CWS) was made by immunoblot analyses using phosphorylation-dependent antibodies(More)
Clathrin- and AP-1-coated buds are present on immature secretory granules of endocrine cells that mature into clathrin-uncoated granules. The mechanism of clathrin and adaptor protein uncoating has remained obscure. Benzyloxycarbonyl-L-leucyl-L-leucinal (ZLLal), a calpain inhibitor, reduced growth hormone (GH) secretion with intracellular accumulation, in a(More)
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