Yasuhiro Oda

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We propose an enhanced design solution for embedded SRAM macros under dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) environment. The improved wordline suppression technique using replica cell transistors and passive resistances compensates the read stability against process variation, facilitating the Fab. portability. The negative bitline technique expands(More)
In the sub-100-nm CMOS generation, a large local Vth variability degrades the 6T-SRAM cell stability, so that we have to consider this local variability as well as the global variability to achieve high-yield SRAM products. Therefore, we need to employ some assist circuits to expand the SRAM operating margin. We propose a variability-tolerant 6T-SRAM cell(More)
The biogeography of the purple nonsulfur bacterium Rhodopseudomonas palustris on a local scale was investigated. Thirty clones of phototrophic bacteria were isolated from each of five unevenly spaced sampling locations in freshwater marsh sediments along a linear 10-m transect, and a total of 150 clones were characterized by BOX-PCR genomic DNA(More)
We propose a new design scheme to improve the SRAM read and write operation margins in the presence of a large Vth variability. By applying this scheme to a 0.494 mum<sup>2</sup> SRAM cell with a beta ratio of 1, which is an aggressively small cell size, we can achieve a high-yield 8M-SRAM for a wide range of Vth value using a 65 nm LSTP CMOS technology
This paper proposes a new propagation model to accurately predict outdoor-to-indoor propagation loss. Account is taken of the structural openings along the paths; it is assumed that outdoor-to-indoor paths are possible only through wall openings such as doors and windows. Introducing the angle dependency of the losses with the paths that penetrate the(More)
BACKGROUND The enzymatic production of biodiesel through alcoholysis of triglycerides has become more attractive because it shows potential in overcoming the drawbacks of chemical processes. In this study, we investigate the production of biodiesel from crude, non-edible Jatropha oil and methanol to characterize Burkholderia cepacia lipase immobilized in an(More)
High frequency spectrum is expected to offer a wide bandwidth for future broadband cellular networks. This paper presents the measurement results of the outdoor urban cellular wideband channels at 11 GHz. The measurements at various urban cellular environments that are classified into macrocell, microcell and street-cell were conducted, where a wideband 24(More)
This paper presents detailed results of 11 GHz band outdoor transmission experiments employing 8 &#x00D7; 16 MIMO-OFDM for 10 Gbps super high bit rate mobile communications. Super high bit rate mobile communications have been studied for future mobile communications, and to verify the feasibility, outdoor transmission experiments were performed. A mobile(More)
The number, spatial distribution, and significance of genetically distinguishable ecotypes of prokaryotes in the environment are poorly understood. Oda et al. (Y. Oda, B. Star, L. A. Huisman, J. C. Gottschal, and L. J. Forney, Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 69:xxx-xxx, 2003) have shown that Rhodopseudomonas palustris ecotypes were lognormally distributed along a(More)