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Nonlinear relations among frequencies and phases in modulational instability of circularly polarized Alfvén waves are discussed, within the context of one dimensional, dissipation-less, unforced fluid system. We show that generation of phase coherence is a natural consequence of the mod-ulational instability of Alfvén waves. Furthermore, we quantitatively(More)
We discuss the parametric instabilities of large-amplitude parallel propagating Alfvén waves using the 2-D PIC simulation code. First, we confirmed the results in the past study [Sakai et al., 2005] that the electrons are heated due to the modified two stream instability and that the ions are heated by the parallel propagating ion acoustic waves. However,(More)
Vlasov simulation is a method to solve time evolution of a plasma by directly time advancing the distribution function in the position-velocity phase space. Vlasov simulation is free from thermal (numerical) noise and thus is advantageous in analyzing ne details of nonlinear plasma phenomena. With this background in mind, we have developed a new Vlasov(More)
Nonlinear evolution of circularly polarized Alfvén waves are discussed by using the recently developed Vlasov-MHD code, which is a generalized Landau-fluid model. The numerical results indicate that as far as the nonlinearity in the system is not so large, the Vlasov-MHD model can validly solve time evolution of the Alfvénic turbulence both in the linear(More)
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