Yasuhiro Matsui

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Serious adverse impacts on the environment and human health from e-waste recycling have occurred in the past and continue to occur in China today, due to a lack of national management strategies. China has made great efforts to face the challenges of the approaching peak increase in the domestic generation of e-waste and the illegal shipment of e-waste from(More)
SUMMARY The percentage of pedestrian deaths in traffic accidents is on the rise in Japan. In recent years, there have been calls for measures to be introduced to protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. In this study, a method to detect and track pedestrians using an in-vehicle camera is presented. We improve the technology of(More)
The paper presents a fine-grained walking activity recognition toward an inferring pedestrian intention which is an important topic to predict and avoid a pedestrian's dangerous activity. The fine-grained activity recognition is to distinguish different activities between subtle changes such as walking with different directions. We believe a change of(More)
The objectives of this research are to propose a new impact response corridor for the ISO legform impactor and to determine the biofidelity of the current legform impactor with rigid leg and thigh developed by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL). The latest data obtained from Post Mortem Human Subject (PMHS) knee impact tests were analyzed in connection(More)
Since giant magnetostriction was first found at aroom temperature in early 1980s, there have been many applications proposed. This paper introduces a novel application which is able to generate electric power by utilizing a reverse transduction of the material called Villari effect. The generator uses vibration as a power source which is easily accessible(More)
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