Yasuhiro Kawata

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The Verbmobil treebanks of spoken German, English, and Japanese are part of the Verbmobil project, which has the overriding goal to develop a speaker-independent system for the translation of spontaneous speech. In the framework of this language technology project, the treebanks provide training data for a variety of language technology modules. The(More)
This is a progress report on ongoing research aimed at proposing a 'refer-ence' morphosyntactic part-of-speech tagset for the Japanese language. Such a tagset should be linguistically motivated , explicit, broadly applicable, and computationally tractable. Being well defined, such a tagset should be easily adapted in specific ways (e.g. limited , extended(More)
For languages whose character set is very large and whose orthography does not require spacing between words, such as Japanese, tokenizing and part-of-speech tagging are often the difficult parts of any morphological analysis. For practical systems to tackle this problem, uncontrolled heuristics are primarily used. The use of information on character sorts,(More)
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