Yasuhiro Hayase

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Embedded software frequently uses interrupts for timer or I/O processing. If a memory area is used by both an interrupt handler and other routines at the same time, the embedded system has the potential to fail because of unexpected data in the memory. To detect the race conditions of memory, this paper proposes a method of interrupt testing on a CPU(More)
In software maintenance, both product metrics and process metrics are required to predict faults effectively. However, process metrics cannot be always collected in practical situations. To enable accurate fault prediction without process metrics, we define a new metric, ImpactScale. ImpactScale is the quantified value of change impact, and the change(More)
In Open Source System (OSS) development, software components are often imported and reused; for this reason we might expect that files are copied in multiple projects (file clones). In this paper, we propose a file clone detection tool called FCFinder and show the analysis performed with it on the FreeBSD Ports Collection, a large OSS project collection. We(More)
An identifier is an important key in mapping program elements onto domain knowledge for the purpose of program comprehension. Therefore, if identifiers in a program have inappropriate names, developers can waste a lot of time trying to understand the program. This paper proposes a method for extracting and gathering verb-object (V-O) relations, as good(More)
Software component retrieval systems are widely used to retrieve reusable software components. This paper proposes recommendation system integrated into software component retrieval system based on collaborative filtering. Our system uses browsing history to recommend relevant components to users. We also conducted a case study using programming tasks and(More)
An identifier is one of the crucial elements for program readability. Method names in an object-oriented program are important identifiers because method names are used for understanding the behavior of the methods without reading a part of the program. It is well-known that each method name should consist of a verb and objects according to general(More)
Source code of open-source software is permitted to be reused when and only when the conditions of its license are satisfied. There are many different conditions for reusing, since various open-source licenses are used. Therefore, the license of the source code may affect the frequency of reusing or the property of the software for which the source is(More)
In an opensource development process developers work together using a revision control system. While getting multi-developers working products together into a single form, merge feature of revision control systems is used. Nowadays, merge operations in existing systems are commonly implemented with a line-by-line approach that can fail if two changes to the(More)
Large software tends to have a significant amount of similar code, commonly known as code clones. Often the code clones are introduced through copy-and-paste process for code reuse purpose where the pasted code usually will go through some modifications such as renaming of identifiers and changing of parameters. In this paper, we propose a method using(More)