Yasuhiro Harada

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The checkerboard effect is caused by the periodic time-variant property of interpolators which compose a multirate system. Although the conditions for some one-dimensional(1D) multirate systems to avoid the checkerboard effect have been shown, the checkerboard effect in multidimensional(MD) multirate systems has not been considered. In this paper, the(More)
Zero-current transition (ZCT) converters for wind power generation systems are proposed. In order to reduce switching losses and noises, a soft-switching technique is adopted. It is suitable for the pulse-width modulation (PWM), because the resonant transition is very short duration and it is independent of the switching frequency. A laboratory prototype(More)
The demand for high Internet availability has increased. As routing methods to recover fast from a single network component (link or node) failure, methods using multiple routing tables have been proposed. In the methods, when a component failure occurs, packets which are supposed to pass through the component in the failure-free state are rerouted using a(More)
This paper proposes a novel DC-AC converter topology for fuel cells applications, and mentions the reduction methods of input current-ripple. Fuel cells are generated electricity by chemical reaction. Chemical reaction time is much slower than commercial frequency. So, input current-ripple may damage the fuel consumption and life span. The conventional(More)
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