Yasuhiro Fujita

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In a recent article Pillai (1990, Ann. Inst. Statist. Math., 42, 157-161) showed that the distribution 1-E~(-x~), 0 < c~ _< 1; 0 _< x, where E~(x) is the Mittag-Lettter function, is infinitely divisible and geometrically infinitely divisible. He also clarified the relation between this distribution and a stable distribution. In the present paper, we(More)
As bacteriophages are dependent on the host for multiplication, their infection cycle is expected to be influenced by the host’s physiological state. To elucidate how and which steps of the bacteriophage infection cycle are influenced by changes in the physiological state of the host, we quantitatively compared the infection cycle of lytic RNA bacteriophage(More)
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