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The efficiency of glucosylation of hydroquinone by Datura innoxia cell suspension cultures was investigated. The yield of arbutin was 2.4 g/l medium when 10 mM of hydroquinone was added to a suspension culture that was then incubated for 24 h, but the yield decreased at a higher concentration. This decrease, which could not be overcome by changing the(More)
  • Yasuhiro Fujita, Yasuhiro Hara, Takao Ogino, Chuzo Suga
  • 1981
Shikonin derivatives were produced from cell suspension cultures of Lithospermum erythrorhizon for the first time. The results of studies on various culture media showed that the type of nitrogen source in the medium greatly influenced the production of these derivatives. When nitrate was the nitrogen source, stable production of shikonin derivatives by the(More)
Clostridium cellulovorans 743B was isolated from a wood chip pile and is an anaerobic and mesophilic spore-forming bacterium. This organism degrades native substrates in soft biomass such as corn fiber and rice straw efficiently by producing an extracellular enzyme complex called the cellulosome. Here we report the genome sequence of C. cellulovorans 743B.
In a recent article Pillai (1990, Ann. Inst. Statist. Math., 42, 157-161) showed that the distribution 1-E~(-x~), 0 < c~ _< 1; 0 _< x, where E~(x) is the Mittag-Lettter function, is infinitely divisible and geometrically infinitely divisible. He also clarified the relation between this distribution and a stable distribution. In the present paper, we(More)
A new method with which to estimate the viability of tissue-cultured plant cells was developed. In this method, electrons from the electron transport system of Coptis japonica cells were trapped by artificial electron acceptors, and the color of the reduced acceptor was monitored with a spectrophotometer through an optical fiber as surface-reflected light.(More)
Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris, an obligate aerobe and one of the most harmful bacteria in acidic beverages, requires oxygen for growth. However, the relationship between oxygen availability and its growth has not yet been quantified. We examined the correlation between A. acidoterrestris growth and oxygen availability to determine whether A.(More)
As bacteriophages are dependent on the host for multiplication, their infection cycle is expected to be influenced by the host’s physiological state. To elucidate how and which steps of the bacteriophage infection cycle are influenced by changes in the physiological state of the host, we quantitatively compared the infection cycle of lytic RNA bacteriophage(More)