Yasuhiro Fuchikawa

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The outdoor service robot which we call OSR-01 is presently under development intending for cleaning up urban areas by means of collecting discarded trash such as PET bottles, cans, plastic bags and so on. We, in this paper , describe the architecture of OSR-01 consisting of hard-wares such as sensors, a manipulator, driving wheels, etc. for searching for(More)
This paper illustrates and analyzes the competitive associative net called CAN2 applied to model-switching control of the temperature of RCA cleaning solutions, where the RCA clean is the industry standard way to clean silicon wafers and the temperature control is important for a stable cleaning performance. Since the control is dii-cult owing that the RCA(More)
— Cross-validation and bootstrap, or resampling methods in general, are examined for applying them to optimizing the number of units of competitive associative nets called CAN2. There are a number of resampling methods available, but the performance depends on the neural network to be applied and functions to be learned. So, we apply several resampling(More)
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