Yasuhiro Awatsuji

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We propose a parallel two-step phase-shifting digital holography technique capable of instantaneous measurement of three-dimensional objects, with a view toward measurement of dynamically moving objects. The technique is based on phase-shifting interferometry. The proposed technique carries out the two-step phase-shifting method at one time and can be(More)
We propose a parallel phase-shifting digital holography as a technique capable of noiseless instantaneous applications for three-dimensional objects such as measurement and object recognition. The technique carries out the three-step-phase-shifting at a time using a phase-shifting array device located in the reference beam. The device is an array of three(More)
We propose a color digital holography by using spectral estimation technique to improve the color reproduction of objects. In conventional color digital holography, there is insufficient spectral information in holograms, and the color of the reconstructed images depend on only reflectances at three discrete wavelengths used in the recording of holograms.(More)
Parallel phase-shifting digital holography can obtain three-dimensional information of a dynamically moving object with high accuracy by using space-division multiplexing of multiple holograms required for phase-shifting interferometry. We demonstrated high-speed parallel phase-shifting digital holography and obtained images of the phase variation of air(More)
We demonstrate the propagation of a light pulse undergoing refraction and total refraction inside a glass block as well as diffraction at a grating. Observation of a frameless, continuous motion picture of the light propagation is possible by recording of hologram with a picosecond pulsed laser. It is shown that the direction of the pulse changes as a(More)
We recorded and observed, for the first time, three-dimensional image of femtosecond light pulse propagation as continuous moving picture using light-in-flight recording by holography. We present the moving pictures of collimated and converging light pulses and some images extracted from them. We also discussed inherent feature appearing in the images. Such(More)
An optical voice recorder capable of recording and reproducing propagating sound waves by using off-axis digital holography, as well as quantitative visualization, is presented. Propagating sound waves temporally modulate the phase distribution of an impinging light wave via refractive index changes. This temporally modulated phase distribution is recorded(More)
A guided-mode-resonance filter (GMRF) consisting of a thin film waveguide and a surface periodic relief has been widely studied for application to a laser mirror as well as to an optical wavelength filter, because of its great advantage in mass production in comparison to multilayer dielectric mirrors. However, GMRF needs some considerably large coupling(More)
Parallel two-step phase-shifting digital holography is a technique for single-shot implementation of phase-shifting interferometry and requires only the intensity distribution of the reference wave and spatial two phase-shifted holograms. We constructed a system of parallel two-step phase-shifting digital holography and experimentally demonstrated the(More)