Yasuhiro Awatsuji

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We propose a parallel phase-shifting digital holography as a technique capable of noiseless instantaneous applications for three-dimensional objects such as measurement and object recognition. The technique carries out the three-step-phase-shifting at a time using a phase-shifting array device located in the reference beam. The device is an array of three(More)
A guided-mode-resonance filter (GMRF) consisting of a thin film waveguide and a surface periodic relief has been widely studied for application to a laser mirror as well as to an optical wavelength filter, because of its great advantage in mass production in comparison to multilayer dielectric mirrors. However, GMRF needs some considerably large coupling(More)
A hybrid digital holographic microscopic system that enables simultaneous detection of 3D phase and fluorescence images is proposed. The proposed microscopic system is designed by combination of a transmission type off-axis digital holographic configuration and a reflection type Fresnel incoherent holographic configuration, aimed for biological application.(More)
We demonstrate high-speed parallel phase-shifting digital holography capable of three-dimensional measurement of a dynamically moving object. We constructed the recording system by using a quarter-wave plate and a high-speed polarization-imaging camera. Moving pictures of two vibrating elastic bands located on different depth plane were clearly and(More)
We propose parallel phase-shifting digital holographic microscopy (PPSDHM) which has the ability of three-dimensional (3-D) motion measurement using space-division multiplexing technique. By the PPSDHM, instantaneous information of both the 3-D structure and the phase distributions of specimens can be simultaneously acquired with a single-shot exposure. We(More)
The authors descrive a technique for three-dimensional (3D) imaging of transparent and dynamic object from the phase image obtained by parallel phase-shifting digital holography. The phase image of the transparent and dynamic object is recorded and reconstructed by parallel phase-shifting digital holography. Inverse Abel transform is applied to the phase(More)
Fluorescent imaging and phase contrast imaging are two major techniques for live cell studies. One can obtain those two types of images by switching illumination and filter sets, and this process usually consumes unnecessary time. In order to image dynamical cell behaviors, we have presented a multi- modal digital holographic microscopic method to obtain(More)
We present a digital holography using high dynamic range (HDR) imaging to improve quality of the reconstructed image of digital holography. The technique extends the dynamic range of the digitally recorded hologram using multiple holograms recorded with different exposures. We numerically and experimentally demonstrated the technique based on an off-axis(More)