Yasuhiko Miyazaki

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This paper proposes the concept of digital cities as a social information infrastructure for urban life (including shopping, business, transportation, education, welfare and so on). We propose the three layer architecture for digital cities: a) the information layer integrates both WWW archives and real-time sensory information related to the city, b) the(More)
A new mechanism is proposed for securing a blockchain applied to contracts management such as digital rights management. This mechanism includes a new consensus method using a credibility score and creates a hybrid blockchain by alternately using this new method and proof-of-stake. This makes it possible to prevent an attacker from monopolizing resources(More)
The ever-growing ubiquity and power of mobile devices and the trend of televisions becoming more than just dumb displays for moving images are two sides of the same coin. Both types of devices have outgrown their original purpose and are now used for tasks that previously required a PC or laptop. At the same time, users often own and use multiple devices in(More)
Yasuhiko Miyazaki Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. Human Interface Laboratories Room 509A, 1-1 Hikarino-oka Yokosuka, 239, Japan Phone +81-468-59-4067 Fax +81-468-55-1730 miyazaki@marsh.hil.ntt.co.jp Klara Nahrstedt University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Computer Science 1304 W. Springfield Ave. Urbana, Illinois, 61801, USA Phone(More)
Since more and more devices are now network connectable, a user can enjoy one service on two or more devices. For example, a smart phone is used to operate the TV, or move a game currently displayed on the TV to the same smart phone, and continue playing the game. In order to realize these transferable services, developers must control communication between(More)
We propose PET (Personal Elegant assistanT) agent model, an agent model suitable for information kiosk systems supporting mobile users, which provides cyberspace services in user-adaptive manner. PET agent model consists of four types of agents; Interface Agent (IA) which supports user interactions on the terminals, User Agent (UA) which manages user's(More)
An interactive digital signage system which allow users to fetch detailed information using their smartphone is widely deployed. Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) broadcast beacon is a one of possible method to broadcast a detailed information to users. However, BLE beacon doesn't provide a way to assay an authenticity of beacon since BLE broadcast is insecure(More)
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