Yasuhiko Mimura

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EEG, depth recordings from the thalamus, visual-evoked potentials, and readiness motor potentials were analyzed with a computer in 40 patients with involuntary movements and intractable pain who underwent stereotactic thalamotomy. It was demonstrated that there were significant correlations in alpha-rhythms between the ventrolateral (VL) nucleus and the(More)
BACKGROUND Taxanes are known to cause onychopathy. Previous studies have reported the relationship between onychopathy and paclitaxel dosing intervals and cumulative doses. However, there are no studies of the predictive factors for docetaxel-induced nail changes. The present study used the drug accumulation rate (mg/m(2)/day) as a novel indicator and(More)
A 59-year-old female who underwent successful thalamotomy for tremor in thalamic syndrome was reported. Thalamic syndrome including tremor of the left limbs and slight dysesthesia over the left side of the face was thought to be due to the vascular lesion located in the right thalamus and adjacent structure by detailed radiological and electrophysiological(More)
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