Yasuhiko Kitamura

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A Semantic Wiki is a collaborative Semantic Web authoring system based on the Wiki framework. It provides a scheme where anonymous users on the Internet can collaborate with each other to build a Semantic Web site. Contrasting to traditional Wikis, it is not easy for end users to author Semantic Wiki pages from scratch without knowledge of the complex(More)
MultiAgent Real-Time A* (MARTA*) is a multiagent version of Real-Time A* (RTA*) algorithm where multiple agents concurrently and autonomously search and move to find a solution. In this paper, we introduce two organizational strategies based on repulsion and attraction to MArtTA*. Each agent observes the distances from others and moves as it becomes parted(More)
With the progress of Human Genome Project, a huge amount of genomic data is stored in various databases and is open to the public through Internet. The size of these databases grows rapidly and, for example, the size of GenBank1, which is a well-known DNA sequence database, reaches more than 5 million entries. However, as the size of database grows, it(More)
Speech overlaps, undesired collisions of utterances between systems and users, harm smooth communication and degrade the usability of systems. We propose a method to enable smooth speech interactions between a user and a robot, which enables subtle expressions by the robot in the form of a blinking LED attached to its chest. In concrete terms, we show that,(More)
This paper presents a new method for building domain-specific web search engines. Previous methods eliminate irrelevant documents from the pages accessed using heuristics based on human knowledge about the domain in question. Accordingly, they are hard to build and can not be applied to other domains. The keyword spice method, in contrast, improves search(More)