Yasuhiko Hayashi

Daisuke Kita9
Jun-ichiro Hamada6
Masahiro Oishi4
Issei Fukui4
9Daisuke Kita
6Jun-ichiro Hamada
4Masahiro Oishi
4Issei Fukui
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WO3 nanorods targeted for applications in electric devices were grown from a tungsten wire heated in an oxygen atmosphere inside an environmental transmission electron microscope, which allowed the growth process to be observed to reveal the growth mechanism of the WO3 nanorods. The initial growth of the nanorods did not consist of tungsten oxide but rather(More)
Schwannomas of the orbit are very rare benign neoplasms. Intraorbital cystic schwannomas originating from the frontal nerve are even rarer, with only 1 case reported to date. This is most likely due to the fact that, in most cases, the origin of the orbital schwannoma cannot be identified intraoperatively. The nerve origin is usually speculated from(More)
We report the synthesis of poly[(3-hexylthiophene)-block-(3-(4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,7-nonafluoroheptyl)thiophene)], P(3HT-b-3SFT), carried out by the Grignard Metathesis Method (GRIM). The copolymers composition was determined by (1)H and (19)F NMR spectroscopies, and gel permeation chromatography (GPC). The thin films of P(3HT-b-3SFT) were investigated by(More)
Ptomaphagus (s. str.) chenggongi sp. n. and Ptomaphagus (s. str.) tingtingae sp. n. (Coleoptera, Leiodidae, Cholevinae, Ptomaphagini) are described from Taiwan Island. In addition, a new subjective synonym is proposed, Ptomaphagus (s. str.) yasutoshii Nishikawa, 1993 = Ptomaphagus (s. str.) smetanai Perreau, 1996, syn. n. Relevant morphological characters(More)
Many chemists have attempted syntheses of extended π-electron network molecules because of the widespread interest in the chemistry, physics and materials science of such molecules and their potential applications. In particular, extended phenacene molecules, consisting of coplanar fused benzene rings in a repeating W-shaped pattern have attracted much(More)
After examining Japanese material of Ptomaphagus Hellwig from various collections, a new species is described, Ptomaphagus (s. str.) piccoloi sp. n., and a new subjective synonym proposed, Ptomaphagus (s. str.) kuntzeni Sokolowski, 1957 = Ptomaphagus (s. str.) amamianus Nakane, 1963, syn. n., in this paper. Relevant morphological characters of examined(More)
BACKGROUND Xanthomatous hypophysitis (XH) is an extremely rare form of primary hypophysitis characterized by infiltration of the pituitary gland by mixed types of inflammatory cells, including foamy cells, plasma cells, and small mature lymphocytes. XH manifests as varying degrees of hypopituitarism. Although several previous reports have denied a possible(More)
BACKGROUND Arachnoid cysts (ACs) are congenital anomalies of the central nervous system and arise in virtually all locations where the arachnoid membrane exists. Posterior fossa ACs are considered to develop in the posterior aspect of the rhombencephalic roof plate and do not communicate freely with the fourth ventricle or perimedullary subarachnoid space.(More)