Yasuhiko Hara

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The purpose of this correspondence is to present problems and methods in automating visual inspection of printed circuit boards (PCB's). Vertical and diagonal illumination are useful in detecting PCB patterns correctly. An algorithm comparing local features of the patterns to be inspected with those of the pattern to be referenced is proposed. An inspection(More)
High-level synthesis (HLS) has been gaining traction recently as a design methodology for FPGAs, with the promise of raising the productivity of FPGA hardware designers, and ultimately, opening the door to the use of FPGAs as computing devices targetable by software engineers. In this tutorial, we introduce LegUp [1], an open-source HLS tool for FPGAs(More)
Visual inspection of printed circuit boards (PCBs) at the final production stage is necessary for quality assurance and the requirements for an automated inspection are very high. However, consistent inspection of patterns on these PCBs is very difficult due to pattern complexity. Most of the previously developed techniques are not sensitive enough to(More)
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