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In order to avoid failures or diminish the impact of them, it is important to deal with them before its occurrence. Some existing approaches for online failure prediction are insufficient to handle the upcoming failures beforehand, because they cannot predict the failures early enough to execute workaround operations for failure. To solve this problem, we(More)
Server virtualization technologies and their live migration function contribute to the utilization of the computing resources in cloud datacenters. However, many management operations for virtual machines (VMs) including live migrations can be evoked by many cloud users at anytime. The outburst of executions of live migration operations can deteriorate(More)
Once failures occur in a cloud datacenter accommodating a large number of virtual resources, they tend to spread rapidly and widely, impacting on many cloud users (tenant owners). One of the best ways to prevent a failure from spreading in the system is identifying signs of the failure before its occurrence and deal with it proactively before it causes(More)
Live migration technologies can contribute to efficient resource management in a cloud datacenter; however, they will inevitably entail downtime for the virtual machine involved. Even if the downtime is relatively short, its effect can be serious for applications sensitive to response time degradations. Therefore, cloud datacenter providers should control(More)
Currently, cloud data centers make use of server virtualization techniques that consolidate computational resources to provide various services and improve resource utilization. However, the pattern of resource usage in some management operations for virtualized systems, such as live migration and snapshot recording, is different from that in the case of a(More)
Since many components comprising large scale cloud datacenters have a great number of configuration parameters (e.g. hostnames, languages, and time zones), it is difficult to keep consistencies in the configuration parameters. In such cases, misconfigured parameters can cause service failures. For this reason, we propose a misconfiguration detection method(More)
With the progress of virtualization technology, cloud systems have been started to be deployed on a full-scale basis. However, there are many issues in terms of managing cloud systems in a stable and high-quality way. This is because the number of servers becomes immense and dependencies between servers become complex. Conventionally, individual business(More)