Yasuhide Kobayashi

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We describe our research on optically interconnected optoelectronic parallel computing systems. Our architecture is based on a multilayer pipeline of two-dimensional optoelectronic device arrays in which each pixel is composed of an optical input channel, a general-purpose programmable processor, local memory, and a surface-emitting laser diode as an(More)
As a practical opportunity for educating Japanese young developers in the field of embedded software development, a software design contest involving the design of software to automatically control a line-trace robot, and conduct running performance tests was held. In this paper,we give the results of the contest from the viewpoint of software quality(More)
A design experience of sampled-data systems with non-uniform sampling intervals is reported. A robust control approach is proposed for mean square stability analysis of sampled-data systems with controller dynamics by modeling the sampling jitter as a perturbation. The proposed method is applied to a servo motor control and its validity is verified.
In order to estimate the critical temperature ratio (CTR) of thermoacoustic engines, a steady-state oscillation control method is proposed. The amplitude of the oscillating pressure is regulated to a reference value by a proportional-integral (PI) controller and a low-pass filter without specifying oscillation frequency. The output signal of the PI(More)
In this paper we deal with design problems of active noise control systems with a pair of loudspeakers, in order to improve the system performance achieved by a single loudspeaker presented in our previous study where advantages of robust control (sampled-data H∞ control) design have been shown by comparing to the existing adaptive control based design.(More)
In this chapter, we present numerical examples of an estimation of shallow water flow based on Kalman filter finite element method (Kalman filter FEM). Shallow water equations are adopted as the governing equations. The Galerkin method, using triangular elements, is employed to discretize the governing equation in space, and the selective lumping method is(More)
Recent commercial products of servo motor have provided auto-tuning mechanisms of the implemented controller in order to get desirable performance without heavy manual tuning by users. The conventional PID controllers and notch filters have been adopted because of the simple structure to make tuning mechanism simple, however, achievable performance might be(More)
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