Yasufumi Yamamoto

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YAP and TAZ oncoproteins confer malignancy and drug resistance to various cancer types. We screened for small molecules that inhibit the nuclear localization of YAP/TAZ. Dasatinib, statins and pazopanib inhibited the nuclear localization and target gene expression of YAP and TAZ. All three drugs induced phosphorylation of YAP and TAZ, and pazopanib induced(More)
Recent studies have established that tmRNA-mediated protein tagging occurs at stop codons depending on the C-terminal amino acid sequence of the nascent polypeptide immediately adjacent to those codons. We investigate here how the trans-translation at a stop codon occurs by using model crp genes encoding variants of cAMP receptor protein (CRP). We(More)
An important unsolved question regarding the bacterial SsrA system is the fate of target mRNAs replaced by SsrA RNA during trans-translation. The aim of the present study is to address the potential role of SsrA system in mRNA quality control, focusing on truncated mRNAs that are expected to arise from 3'-to-5' exonucleolytic attack. We found that(More)
BACKGROUND Bacterial SsrA RNA (also known as tmRNA or 10Sa RNA) mediates the addition of a short peptide tag to the C-terminus of the nascent polypeptide when a ribosome is stalled at the 3' end of an mRNA lacking a stop codon. This process, called trans-translation, rescues the stalled ribosome and ensures degradation of tagged polypeptides by(More)
The objective of this study is to identify the properties and responsible compounds for the aromatic roast odor (retort beef aroma) that commonly occurs in canned beef products and could contribute to their palatability. The optimal temperature for generating retort beef aroma was 121°C. An untrained panel evaluated both uncured corned beef and canned(More)
Some archaeogastropodic molluscs, including Sulculus and Turbo, contain an unusual approximately 40 kDa myoglobin in their buccal masses. This myoglobin can bind oxygen reversibly, but has a lower oxygen affinity than vertebrate and invertebrate myoglobins. Amino acid sequences clearly show that Sulculus and Turbo myoglobins evolved not from the globin gene(More)
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