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Yakushinamides, Polyoxygenated Fatty Acid Amides That Inhibit HDACs and SIRTs, from the Marine Sponge Theonella swinhoei.
Yakushinamides A (1) and B (2), prolyl amides of polyoxygenated fatty acids, have been isolated from the marine sponge Theonella swinhoei as inhibitors of HDACs and SIRTs. Their planar structuresExpand
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Jasisoquinolines A and B, architecturally new isoquinolines, from a marine sponge Jaspis sp.
Two architecturally new isoquinolines, jasisoquinolines A and B, were isolated from a marine sponge Jaspis sp. as cathepsin B inhibitors. Their structures were determined by a combination ofExpand
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Isolation of ciliatamide D from a marine sponge Stelletta sp. and a reinvestigation of the configuration of ciliatamide A.
A new lipopeptide, ciliatamide D (1), was isolated from a marine sponge Stelletta sp., collected at Oshimashinsone, together with the known compound ciliatamide A (2). Ciliatamide D (1) is a congenerExpand
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Shishicrellastatins, inhibitors of cathepsin B, from the marine sponge Crella (Yvesia) spinulata.
Two dimeric steroid derivatives, shishicrellastatin A (1) and B (2), have been isolated as cathepsin B inhibitors from the marine sponge Crella (Yvesia) spinulata. Their structures were determined byExpand
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Electron beam sterilization of cyclo olefin polymer leads to polymer degradation and production of alkyl radicals
We investigated the effects of electron-beam (EB) sterilization on syringe barrels manufactured from cyclo olefin polymer (COP). The chemical structure of the polymer was determined by interpretingExpand
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Studies on inhibitors of tumor-associated enzymes from marine sponges
報告番号: ; 学位授与年月日: 2013-03-25 ; 学位の種別: 課程博士 ; 学位の種類: 博士(農学) ; 学位記番号: 博農第3907号 ; 研究科・専攻: 農学生命科学研究科水圏生物科学専攻