Yasuaki Sakai

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Sludge mainly collected from wastewater treatment plants were subjected to chemical and ecotoxicological characterization to provide a preliminary assessment of their suitability for land application. We examined the leachability and toxicity of organic compounds in several industrial wastes and recovered materials such as dewatered sludge through standard(More)
Text extraction from torn documents is a critical process in the field of document reconstruction. Estimation of fragment orientation based on the text orientation is proposed to get an exact rotational angle with x axis. Corners detection with extraction of the pick points is introduced as a basic feature for the boundary matching process. A novel approach(More)
This paper describes a technique for extracting moving objects from a video image sequence taken by a slowly moving camera as well as a fixed camera. The background subtraction method is effective for extracting moving objects from a video. But the latest background image should be employed for the subtraction in the mobile camera case and in order not to(More)
The high speed electrostatic discharge between a charged film (50 mu m thick FEP or 200 mu m thick PTFE teflon) and a grounded sphere electrode where a connecting wire length was 20 cm was observed experimentally. Surface charge polarity effects and sphere size effects (from 3 to 25 mm in diameter) are focused on where the parameters are discharge current(More)
The electrostatic surface discharge (ESD) between a charged thin dielectric film on a conductive flat plate electrode and a sphere electrode that is connected to the plate, and is either covered with an uncharged thin dielectric film or fare, was observed. Discharge current waveform, discharge gap length, current risetime, discharge photographs, current(More)
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