Yasuaki Ozawa

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E-64 isolated from a culture of Aspergillus japonicus is a specific inhibitor of cysteine proteinases. E-64-c, a synthetic analog of E-64, was effective in model animals of muscular dystrophy only when it was given intraperitoneally and by means of osmotic minipump. It showed no effects due to its low absorbability from intestine when it was administered(More)
BACKGROUND In chronic hemodialysis patients, hyperkalemia is frequently observed. In these patients, erythrocytes were examined to know whether they participate in the regulation of K(+) or not. METHODS Erythrocyte K(+) release (DeltaKr) was induced by the incubation of erythrocyte suspension at 4 degrees C for 24 h and the K(+) influx followed at 37(More)
A simple and convenient method to determine the K+-flux activity of viable human erythrocytes was developed. Erythrocyte suspensions were incubated at 4 degrees C for 24 h to induce K+-release (deltaKr) and then at 37 degrees C for 3 h to influx K+ into erythrocytes (deltaKi). A straight-line relationship between K+ release-influx ratio and ouabain-induced(More)
Coenzyme Q10 (ubidecarenone; CoQ10) was administered at a dose of 60 mg/d either using two conventional formulations or in a lipid microsphere to dogs. Plasma concentrations of CoQ10 were determined by HPLC. The bioavailability of CoQ10 from the lipid microsphere formulation was superior to conventional formulations. These results suggest that three daily(More)
  • Yasuaki Ozawa
  • Rinsho byori. The Japanese journal of clinical…
  • 2000
Recently, techniques for analyzing computerized ECG data have been developed in time domain, frequency domain and micro level analysis of signals. In body surface ECG mapping, reverse problem analysis from body surface to cardiac surface was investigated, but findings were not sufficient to be clinically useful. Heart rate variability analysis from Holter(More)
One of the causes of pseudohyperpotassemia is the induction of potassium (K) release from blood cells by various factors such as cold-storage of blood samples, various drugs including ouabain and so on. We speculated on the effect of storage temperature and therapeutic drugs used on the elevation of K levels in vitro. Dobutamine was selected for in vitro(More)