Yasuaki Nakano

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-This paper proposed a new method for the full face detection from complex backgrounds. Based on feature parameters of space gray-level dependence (SGLD) matrix, the face-texture model composed by a set of inequalities was derived. A color information utilization incorporated with the face-texture feature was also investigated. Using the face-texture model,(More)
This paper presents a digits classification system to recognize telephone numbers written on signboards. Candidate regions of digits are extracted from an image through edge extraction, enhancement and labeling. Since the digits in the images often have skew and slant, the digits are recognized after the skew and slant correction. To correct the skew, Hough(More)
This paper proposes a method to recognize digits in a natural scene, such as telephone numbers on a signboard. Candidate regions of digits are extracted from an image through contrast enhancement, edge extraction, and labeling. Since the target text patterns are in a 3D space, unlike traditional character recognition problems, we have to deal with the image(More)
The purpose of our research is to improve the recognition rate of off-line character recognition systems using the HMM (Hidden Markov Model) without increasing a number of HMM parameters too much. Some 2-dimensional HMM character recognition systems have been proposed to increase representational power. However, since 2–D HMM has much more complex structure(More)