Yassin Mazroui

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Frailty models are very useful for analysing correlated survival data, when observations are clustered into groups or for recurrent events. The aim of this article is to present the new version of an R package called frailtypack. This package allows to fit Cox models and four types of frailty models (shared, nested, joint, additive) that could be useful for(More)
Individuals may experience more than one type of recurrent event and a terminal event during the life course of a disease. Follow-up may be interrupted for several reasons, including the end of a study, or patients lost to follow-up, which are non informative censoring events. Death could also stop the follow-up, hence, it is considered as a dependent(More)
Developments: § Prognostic survival models and validation § Joint Models for recurrent events and death § Recurrences of cancer (follicular lymphomas, breast cancer, colorectal) § Models for geographical clustered data § R package " FRAILTYPACK " Application: § Cancer § Aluminum in drinking water and Alzheimer's disease § Air Pollution and mortality(More)
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