Yassin M. Nissan

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Several new sulfonebiscompounds having a biologically active 1,2-dihydropyridine-2-one 3-19, acrylamide 20, chromene 21, 22 and chromenopyridine 23, 24 moieties were synthesized and evaluated as potential anticancer agents. The structures of the products were confirmed via elemental analyses and spectral data. The screening tests showed that many of the(More)
BACKGROUND Quinoline derivatives have diverse biological activities including anticancer activity. On the other hand, many sulfonamide derivatives exhibited good cytotoxic activity. Hybrids of both moieties may present novel anticancer agents. RESULTS Chloroquinoline incorporating a biologically active benzene-sulfonamide moieties 5-21 and diarylsulfone(More)
BACKGROUND Many thiourea derivatives have exhibited biological activities including anticancer activity through several mechanisms. On the other hand, benzenesulfonamide derivatives have proven to be good anticancer agents. Hybrids of both moieties could be further developed to explore their biological activity as anticancer. RESULTS Novel series of(More)
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