Yasser S Attiga

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Basal cells and submucosal gland (SMG) duct cells have been isolated and shown to be stem/progenitor cell populations for the murine airway epithelium. However, methods for the isolation of basal and SMG duct cells from human airways have not been defined. We used an optimized two-step enzyme digestion protocol to strip the surface epithelium from tracheal(More)
Human papillomavirus (HPV) can cause cervical cancer, as well as a number of other diseases in both men and women. Both sexes play a role in transmission of the disease, but the cost-effectiveness of HPV vaccination differs between them. It is necessary to determine the best allocation of limited resources between these two populations to produce the most(More)
Both basal and submucosal gland (SMG) duct stem cells of the airway epithelium are capable of sphere formation in the in vitro sphere assay, although the efficiency at which this occurs is very low. We sought to improve this efficiency of sphere formation by identifying subpopulations of airway basal stem cells (ABSC) and SMG duct cells based on their(More)
The large airways are directly in contact with the environment and therefore susceptible to injury from toxins and infectious agents that we breath in. The large airways therefore require an efficient repair mechanism to protect our bodies. This repair process occurs from stem cells in the airways and isolating these stem cells from the airways is important(More)
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