Yasser Mohamed

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This paper discusses Simphony as an integrated environment for building special purpose simulation tools for modeling construction systems. Simphony provides various services that enable the developer to easily control different behaviors in the developed tool such as simulation behaviors, graphical representation, statistics, and animation. These services(More)
The nature of the construction industry combined with the lack of appropriate techniques and technologies suitable for construction work are among the main reasons for inadequate industry performance. Researchers need to develop a better understanding of the construction industry and develop approaches and technologies that will enable construction(More)
The supply chain management (SCM) field of research has developed a valuable set of concepts and strategies to incorporate the core competencies of suppliers into industrial systems, a trend followed by the construction industry. Research into quantifying the benefits of implementing SCM in construction has been very limited; the literature for the(More)
Microbiological reduction of soluble U(VI) to insoluble U(IV) is a means of preventing the migration of that element in groundwater, but the presence of nitrate in U(IV)-containing sediments leads to U(IV) oxidation and remobilizaton. Nitrite or iron(III) oxyhydroxides may oxidize U(IV) under nitrate-reducing conditions, and we determined the rate and(More)
Multi-Agent Resource Allocation (MARA) is a field developing solutions to the problem of distributing a number of resources amongst multiple agents. This field has interdisciplinary characteristics and relates to a wide range of applications, such as industrial procurement, scheduling and network routing. Many construction operations involve entities(More)
Simulation built on assumption and approximation has been traditionally utilized to make predictions prior to construction. Although there are many benefits of simulation such as its capability of multiple experiments with various scenario assumptions, it may lead to erroneous predictions when simulation input data are not accurate. Long-term repetitive(More)
Behçet's disease (BD) is an idiopathic multisystem disorder. Involvement of CNS occurs in 4–48% of cases. This study was designed to evaluate the prevalence of subclinical neuropsychiatric affection in asymptomatic Egyptian BD patients using psychometric tests and brain imaging with single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and magnetic resonance(More)
It is not unusual to observe that actual schedule and quality performances are different from planned performances (e.g., schedule delay and rework) during a construction project. Such differences often result in production pressure (e.g., being pressed to work faster). Previous studies demonstrated that such production pressure negatively affects safety(More)
In cold regions, weather severity has a major impact on construction activities carried out in the open, leading to significant deviations from baseline schedules. Faced with weather uncertainty, setting up the project baseline schedule, against which performance will be measured, can be challenging. Construction planners often depend on their personal(More)
Today’s Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Facility Management (AEC/FM) industry has to deal with complex obstacles (e.g., aging infrastructure, the protection of the natural environment, the need for resilient infrastructure). Among several technical fields that have been adopted and advanced, computer simulation has been widely researched and(More)