Yasser Mafinejad

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The next generation of wireless networks is envisioned as convergence of heterogeneous radio access networks. Since technologies are becoming more collaborative, a possible integration between IEEE 802.16 based network and previous generation of telecommunication systems (2G, ..., 3G) must be considered. A novel quality function based vertical handoff (VHO)(More)
A challenge in designing a RF MEMS switch is the determination of its parameters to satisfy the application requirements. Often this is done through a set of comprehensive time consuming simulations. This paper employs neural networks and develops a supervised learner that is capable of determining S11 parameter for a RF MEMS shunt switch. The inputs are(More)
This paper models the impact of distributed generation to distribution system reliability using a comprehensive, sequential Monte Carlo simulation model. Since utilityconnected distributed generation is typically installed close to the consumers, it can reduce the current at the main feeder. Consequently, it increases the chance that a stressed feeder can(More)
An operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) using dynamic threshold MOS (DTMOS) and hybrid compensation technique is presented in this paper. The proposed topology is based on a bulk and gate driven input differential pair. Two separate capacitors are employed for the OTA compensation where one of them is used in a signal path and the other one in a(More)