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The next generation of wireless networks is envisioned as convergence of heterogeneous radio access networks. Since technologies are becoming more collaborative, a possible integration between IEEE 802.16 based network and previous generation of telecommunication systems (2G, ..., 3G) must be considered. A novel quality function based vertical handoff (VHO)(More)
— A challenge in designing a RF MEMS switch is the determination of its parameters to satisfy the application requirements. Often this is done through a set of comprehensive time consuming simulations. This paper employs neural networks and develops a supervised learner that is capable of determining S11 parameter for a RF MEMS shunt switch. The inputs are(More)
This paper proposes a ramp dual-pulse actuation-voltage waveform that reduces actuation-voltage shift in capacitive microelec-tromechanical system (MEMS) switches. The proposed waveform as well as two reported waveforms (dual pulse, and novel dual-pulse) are analyzed using equivalent-circuit and equation models. Based on the analysis outcome, the paper(More)